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We are located across from the Mico Auction Barn

December 2, 2015: After a little work, our exclusive Jalapeno BBQ Sauce has hit the market! To get on our mailing list or inquire about availability of our exclusive Jalapeno BBQ Sauce, please contact our Podnuhs at LRG inc via 409-384-4560 or

June 26, 1994: If youve eaten our bbq youve tasted my world famous BBQ sauce - I'm thinkin of going into production of our sauce on a big scale! As we work on the BBQ sauce plan, I'll keep you updated. Hopefullyt we'll have our sauces on the shelf by the fall of this year. I talked to Jimbo at the Piggly Wiggly and he said he would sell it there for us. We'll have a booth at the Mico 4th of July parade so come by and grab some brisket or our famous links on a stick.

June 24, 1994: Edwin had some legal troubles and isnt gonna be able to work on our webpage for a while so he showed me how to work on this webpage thing. I'm gonna really put alot of time into our webpage and add new stuff a few times a week until Edwin gets out so get ready for a lot of new stuff.

May 18, 1994: Can't get enough of our briskets? We are now takin orders for whole briskets! Come by and put in your order - pay half when you order and the other half when you pick it up.

March 7, 1994: We just got a A+ score from the Medina County health inspector. No slime in our ice machine!

February 27, 1994: Yall all know our number 1 (and only one) bus boy Willie - well he just told me that he's moving back to his hometown of Jasper Texas where he got a job working in the local Brookshire Bros grocery store - he said that cleaning up after yall has been fun but his heart is in stocking shelves. He said that the grocery store will be fun but he hopes to land his dream job of being a warehouse stocker one day. Good Luck Willie!

February 10, 1994: Welcom to our new webpage! One of our customers Edwin said he would make this for us at Cornbread Caterin' so we took him up on the offer - im paying him in tater salad and chicken fried steak. Edwin said the "web" is "The Future!" - I told Edwin that my Jalapeno BBQ Sauce is the future! We are gonna put our menu and specials on here so you can dial it up and look at it at home on your compter. Edwin said he can put some pictures of me cookin on here so we're gonna do that too. Thank you for logging in and reading our webpage.